Scoptel setup Yealink Phones

Yealink Phones do not download provisioning files after updating to scopserv-telephony25-

During the finalization of APS support for Yealink Version 72 firmware, ScopServ included a configuration line in Yealink <MAC>.cfg files which broke the phone’s ability to download edited <MAC>.cfg files after the initial configuration download.  While the first configuration file download would be successful and the phone would provision, subsequent attempts to download edited <MAC>.cfg files would fail.  The resulting symptom is a Yealink phone that would not update registration passwords, changes to DSS Keys, etc…

The problem affects any Yealink phone configuration file generated by the ScopTEL APS from version scopserv-telphony25- but patched in scopserv-telephony25-

In order to recover from this scenario the following actions must be taken:

1. Update the ScopServ Telephony rpm to version scopserv-telephony25- using either the ScopTEL GUI Package Manager or scopserv_yum update commands.

2. Force Commit of APS changes in the ScopTEL GUI

3. Factory reset each affected Yealink Phone by holding down it’s OK button until prompted for a factory reset, and confirm the reset.

4. Once the reset is complete and the Yealink phone has downloaded the new <MAC>.cfg file, the phone will operate correctly and be able to download edited <MAC>.cfg files from the ScopTEL provisioning server.

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