VoIPmonitor QoS Assessment Tool

VoIPmonitor QoS Assessment Tool

VoIP is a beautiful thing but not if your network is the source of bad voice quality and you cannot prove the source of the problem.

Most of the time the problem is caused by newtork latency, lack of bandwidth, or packet loss.  The G.107 E Model is a great tool to assess a network and determine the MOS of phone call(s).

VoIPmonitor is a third party tool that is pretty easy to install and can easily generate a QoS report and it has a lot of other cool features.


Installing VoIPmonitor using the ScopServ package manager will automatically build a working installation fo VoIPmonitor.
To install VoIPmonitor you must obtain a 30 day trial license or purchase a Server license from VoIPmonitor.

Disclaimer: ScopServ does offer any support of any kind for VoIPmonitor.  Support requests must be made directly to VoIPmonitor and all support documentation is available from their website.  http://www.voipmonitor.org/

How to install VoIPmonitor on ScopTEL (assuming your software maintenance is active):

From Linux console type:

scopserv_yum update

Login to the ScopTEL GUI and edit MySQL Server and check Enable TCP/IP listening ? [x]


Log Out of the ScopTEL GUI

From Linux console type:

service mysqld restart

scopserv_yum install voipmonitor

service scopserv restart

Login to your account at http://www.voipmonitor.org/ and copy your license data to clipboard

Login to the ScopTEL GUI

Click on the VoIPmonitor Tools menu in the ScopTEL GUI and paste your key.

After clicking on 'Recheck' your installation should be finished

But you will probably see this error when you click on Installation is Finished.

Click OK and ignore the error.  A ScopTEL crond task will automatically execute this command.

From Linux console type:

service voipmonitor start

Now you can click on Tools>VoIPmonitor in the ScopTEL GUI and start using VoIPmonitor.

You may need to edit the network interface(s) that VoIPmonitor is configured to monitor.

If you edit and save this configuration you must...

From Linux console type:

service voipmonitor restart


Then open the ScopTEL GUI and go to Tools>VoIPmonitor to see VoIPmonitor options and reports.

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