Troubleshooting - No Live Monitoring Informations in ScopSTATS

Troubleshooting - No Live Monitoring Informations in ScopSTATS

This guide will help you to fix your system if you have no informations available in ScopSTATS for Live Monitoring windows.


If not already done, it is recommended that you install the lastest releases of Realtime Monitor (scopserv-realtime) and ScopSTATS (scopserv-reports) packages.


If your system has been installed before 2012-03-27, you need to make sure that you have the lastest Server package (scopserv-server) installed. The package version should be at least 2.1.3


1. Check if Live Monitoring daemons are running.

In ScopSTATS, the Live Monitoring windows for Telephony informations get the data from Realtime Monitor. If the service is stopped, no informations will be available.


Using GUI, you can check the current status and start it if stopped under Configuration -> Telephony -> General.


Using SSH, you can check the current status with the command:

service scopserv_realtime status


Using SSH, if the service is stopped, you can start it with the command:

service scopserv_realtime start


2.  Test Node.JS backend

ScopSTATS use a new Node.JS backend. This backend is used to send the Live Monitoring informations to the client browser (ScopSTATS). You can test the Node.JS backend is properly running from your browser.


Enter in the address bar the URL: http://<your-PBX>:5555/nodejs/test

Where <your-PBX> is replaced by the IP address/host name of your server.


On a working system, you should receive a similar to this:

Node.JS backend = RUNNING

ScopSTATS session = YES

SQL connection = OK


If you get a 404 Not Found error, please follow the next step.

3. How to fix 404 Not Found error in Node.JS test page

If you got this error, this mean that the 'scopserv' system service configuration doesn't include the port forwarding rule for Node.JS backend. This can occur if system was installed before 2012-03-27.

To fix this, you need to do:

  1. Go to Configuration -> Server -> Configuration
  2. Click on Edit button
  3. Click on Save button (this will update the system service configuration)
  4. Once done, you need to restart the ScopServ GUI (Web Management) service under Configuration -> Server -> General or using SSH with command: service scopserv restart


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