ScopTEL DHCP APS Configuration

ScopTEL - DHCP APS Configuration

DHCP Configuration

DHCP detection of new devices when the ScopTEL DHCP server is the only DHCP server on the LAN.
During DHCP acquisition a newly installed and supported SIP device can be added to the APS list automatically.
DHCP discovery can properly detect the model number of the following supported vendors and add the device to the APS list.
Server Module Pre-requisites:
Server>Configuration>Provisioning All fields must be properly defined

Network Module Pre-requisites

Network>DHCP Server must be enabled and properly configured
Classes and Subnet|Classes must be properly defined
DHCP Server|Classes|Create Provisioning Classes

DHCP  detection of new devices when the ScopTEL DHCP server is the only DHCP server on the LAN. Network Module Pre-requisites:
DHCP Server|Classes|Create Provisioning Classes

DHCP detection of new devices when the ScopTEL DHCP server is the only DHCP server on the LAN.
Network Module Pre-requisites:
DHCP Server|Subnet|Interface|Classes|Include DHCP Classes
Select all that apply to your environment and save.

Navigate to Configuration|Network|General and click Edit Services

Check the option for DHCP Server (IPv4)
Apply Change

Navigate to Configuration|Network|DHCP Server and click Edit to Enable the DHCP Server

Check the Enable the DHCP Server?: [x]

Click on Subnet
Click on Add

Fill in the Scope Range, Gateway, and other details into the General Tab, then Click on DNS Configuration.

Enter in your Custom Domain Name
Enter your DNS Server IP address(es)
Click on Classes

Select all relevant DHCP Classes for your environment 
Click on DHCP Options

Enter in your custom NTP server
Enter in your GMT time offset in seconds
Click Add

Commit Network changes
Restart the DHCP Server Service to enable the changes

If you want Asterisk to auto create peers to for the Automatic Provisioning System then proceed with these optional steps. Telephony Module Pre-requisites: 
Telephony>Configuration>Channels>SIP Channel>Auto-Create Peers=yes 
WARNING Auto-Create Peers can be vulnerable to malicious SIP attacks so the server should not have SIP ports exposed to the public (firewall your SIP ports to external subnets and follow ScopServ security best practices).

DHCP detection of new devices when the ScopTEL DHCP server is the only DHCP server on the LAN. 
Telephony Module Pre-requisites:


Plug a supported SIP device into the voice subnet
Wait for it to boot (it may reboot after it downloads its configuration from the server for the first time)
Once the phone boots up you should see its MAC address in the APS list as an unprovisioned device
Once the phone displays UNPROV on its display you can begin the registration process
Dial any phone number to hear the password prompt
Enter the Provisioning PIN number defined in Telephony>Configuration>Provisioning using the keypad
Enter a defined but unused extension number using the keypad when prompted
Edit the MAC address in the APS list and change any required settings like the template used, name, soft key assignments etc.
Reboot the phone to download the final configurations

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