ScopTEL Call Recording

ScopTEL Call Recording

ScopTEL has many Call Recording/Monitoring Features.
- Extensions may have their recordings automatically saved or triggered by the Call Recording Feature Code dynamically and then sent via email. This can be set for Incoming or Outgoing Calls or Both.
- Incoming Lines can be automatically recorded and this can done per interface or DNIS. Recordings can be sent by email after a call.
- Outgoing Lines can be automatically recorded and this can be done by Outgoing Line Access Code(s). Recordings can be sent by email after a call.
- Emergency Calls can be Recorded and sent by email address.
- Auto Attendant paths can be configured to allow Call Recording
- ACD Calls can be Automatically recorded and this can be configured per queue via each queue's Monitor Call Feature.
- Conference Calls can be Automatically recorded and this can be configured by Conference Bridge.
- Ring Groups can be configured to have their incoming calls recorded per Ring Group.
- Call Recordings are saved to the ScopSTATS reporting engine so they can be downloaded by an Administrator or by End User if the End User has been given Permissions. The ScopSTATS reporting engine can also be filtered to search for recordings.
- ScopSTATS Panels can allow an Extension, Call Center Agent, or Supervisor the option to click a Call Recording button during a call.
- All recorded calls are saved to /var/spool/asterisk/monitor/ and are only available to an administrator with root file system access.
- Call recordings can be saved/backed up using the Backup and Restore Manager.
- Call Recordings are saved in standard .wav format and can be played back by Desktop, Mobile, media players without any special plugins.
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