ScopTEL AdHoc Conference

ScopTEL - AdHoc Conference Feature Management


ScopServ is very pleased to announce the addition of a new Feature Code known as ‘AdHoc Conference’
The purpose of the feature is to allow users with no Admin GUI access to the ScopTEL management interface to create Conference Bridges on the fly.
A phone user with access to the AdHoc Conference (Admin) Feature Code by virtue of their extensions’ Class of Service can create virtually unlimited Conference Bridge applications any time one is needed by dialing some codes from their phone.
The Admin creator must set the ADMIN PIN code and optionally create USER PIN codes to restrict access to any of their Conference application Extension Numbers.
Users Dial the AdHoc Conference (User) Feature Code by virtue of their extensions’ Class of Service then dial the Conference Bridge Extension and the Admin defined PIN code to enter the bridge
Anyone with the Admin password of any Conference Bridge extension and a valid Class of Service applied to their extension can use the Conference PIN change Feature Code to quickly change PIN’s on an existing Conference Bridge application
The Conference PIN change Feature Code must be carefully safeguarded by Class of Service since it can be used to modify the USER PIN of any existing Conference Bridge application
AdHoc Conferences have a limited time to live set to a default of 30 days after which they are automatically deleted.


The ScopTEL GUI Administrator must define a new Feature Code in the Features Code Manager for:
AdHoc Conference (Admin)
AdHoc Conference (User)
Conference PIN change
Password/PIN codes can be single or a list defined on Miscellaneous>Password List 
Refer to the following flow chart for Feature Code Usage and explanations

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