ScopTEL ACD Pause Code

ScopTEL ACD Pause Code Usage

About ACD Pause Codes

Pause Codes are used to make a LOGGED agent Unavailable/Available during the course of an agent’s shift.
Pause Codes are advantageous because an agent should only LOGIN when they start their shift and LOGOUT when they end their shift and use the Pause Code to make them themselves Unavailable/Available to their assigned QUEUES during their shift. If the Call Center Manager needs to see how much time in an Agent’s shift the Agent was not available due to breaks or other reasons Pause Code Tags can be appended to each Pause Code usage by each Agent before and after each activity.
Pause Codes are generally pre-defined by the Call Center Manager and each Pause Code number is associated with an activity. Examples:
Pause Code 0001 = BREAK
Pause Code 0002 = LUNCH
Pause Code 0003 = BATHROOM

ACD Pause Features Code Configuration

First you must define ACD Pause Codes in Telephony
’Agent Pause’ is the code used by the Agent to Pause their Available/Unavailable status in all Queues in which the Agent is a Member

ACD Pause Codes Configuration

You must also Add a new Tag/Pause Code for each Code in the Queues and Agent: Tag/Pause Code Tab

ACD Pause Codes Usage

‘Pause Tag/Code’ is a code the agent can dial when the Agent is already Paused and append the Tag Code Reason.
Agent Dials *9020001 to add Tag 0001 Reason to the ACD Pause Code Report

ACD Pause Codes Configuration
Then you will be able to generate a Report similar to this

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