ScopLINK Agent Portal Application

ScopLINK Agent Portal Application



The Agent Portal Application installed on a Mac or PC provides an contact center agent with all the functionalities and reporting tools needed as well as a complete wallboard for call center operations.

Display on the banner of actionable buttons and relevant information on the overall status of queues:

•            Calls, answers and transfer of communications

•            The Average Waiting Time (AWT)

•            The overall number of callers on hold in real  time

•            The number of queues configured

•            The PAUSE button, its choices and the paused  time

Queues are managed through a drop-down menu in the «FILE» window where you can find:

•            The name of the queue

•            SLA compliance status

•            The average waiting time

•            The number of callers on hold

•            The Abandon rate and more ...


Optimize your customer’s experience using Integration with your business  software with:


Choose SCOPLINK-APA Premium edition and benefit from the integration functionalities through native connectivity between SCOPTEL IPBX and your CRM / ERP either cloud based or on premise  APIs*.

*CRM / ERP Integrations now available through SCOPLINK-IMS

You have a custom built business system and it has APIs ? We have you covered with our tailormade services

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