SAP C4C Widget Guide

SAP C4C Widget Guide

This guide describes the steps to take to use SAP Widget integration with SCOPTEL.  Some steps must be performed by your SCOPTEL administrator, others by your SAP administrator.

SCOPTEL Configuration

To use the SAP Widget integration, make sure you have an updated SCOPTEL installation.
For this integration, the SCOPTEL installation must have version of the telephony package.  If you are not familiar with this procedure, please ask your SCOPTEL system administrator or contact your ScopServ support team.
SCOPTEL comes with a one week free trial that starts the first time the widget URL is loaded.
The widget URL is your PBX's URL followed by "/telephony/sap".  For example, if your SCOPTEL is found at then the widget is found at  Be sure to include the protocol and port when entering this information in SAP.

SAP Service Configuration

To use the SAP widget, the administrator of the SAP installation must perform the following configuration:
  1. Log into SAP Service Cloud.
  2. In the main menu click AdministratorService and Social.
  3. In the main pane, under Communication Channels, click on Live Activity Configuration
  4. Configure your Communication Provider:
    1. Provider: select « External Provider »
    2. CTI Vendor: select « Other »
    3. Provider ID: type an ID for the provider, for example « SCOPCLOUD »
    4. Provider URL: type the URL of your SCOPTEL installation, including protocol (e.g. 'https://') and port (e.g. '5555').
  5. Click Save.

Widget Use

To use the widget as an end user:
  1. Log into your SAP portal.
  2. Open the widget window by clicking the Call button.  It is on the upper right corner near User Menu.
  3. You must log into the widget with your username, password, and tenant.  Your administrator can tell you your tenant if you do not know it.
 Your widget is ready to use.

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