ScopTEL LDAP and Directories

Module 23 - ScopTEL - Configuring LDAP and Directories

Background and Pre-Requisites

Minimum package version scopserv-server- 
Supported Handsets: Yealink, Polycom (version 3+ firmware), Snom

What is LDAP ?
LDAP (Lightweight Directory Access Protocol) as its name states it, is a protocol to get access to Directory Service. A well known LDAP is Active Directory that is specific to Windows Server. But for Linux, it is called OpenLDAP.
In order to use LDAP with ScopTEL PBX software, you must configure an LDAP directory server. This server stores the LDAP entries and makes them accessible to supported phones and other applications that need the information.

ScopTEL integrated LDAP Manager
The LDAP manager integrated in ScopTEL PBX was designed to make LDAP Server management as easy as possible for the user. It abstracts from the technical details of LDAP and allows persons without technical background to manage a local LDAP server.
Management of basic options like DN, Authentication and caching.
Manage Schema and dependencies
Authentication (User/Password)
Access Control (ACL)
External Links:

Edit Server | Bootup Services

Navigate to Server|General|Services Status and Edit Services
Set OpenLDAP Server to enabled
Apply changes

Configure LDAP Directory Server

Log into ScopTEL GUI and go on Server -> LDAP Server
- Click on Edit and set basic options like Top-Level DN and Authentication.
- Click on Save. The OpenLDAP service configurations will automatically be reloaded.

Browse LDAP Directory using LDAP Explorer

ScopTEL includes a tool that allows to browse data from any LDAP Directory. You must click on Tools -> Server -> LDAP Explorer and browse across entries.
Use this tool to verify your LDAP configuration is operational

If you are using the localized ScopTEL LDAP Server and you encounter this error while querying the LDAP Explorer:

Fatal Error: Could not bind to localhost:389

Then execute the following from ssh:

service slapd stop

cd /etc/openldap

mv slapd.d/ slapd.d.old


NOTE: if you modified the default password or dc on your LDAP Server configuration substitute both entries in this example.

ldapadd -x -W -D 'cn=manager,dc=scopserv,dc=local' -f /var/www/scopserv/server/scripts/server.ldif -c

Enter LDAP Password: *** scopserv ***

adding new entry "dc=scopserv,dc=local"

Tools|Address Book Manage Your Contacts

From the Address Book Tool you can add New Contacts to the Shared Directory

LDAP Source Configuration

In this example an internal LDAP Source will be created so it can later be assigned to SIP Phones in the Automatic Provisioning System
Navigate to Telephony|Miscellaneous|Add a new LDAP Source
On the General give this LDAP Source a meaningful name.
Example: tenantdirectory
Change the LDAP Server/Host to match the DNS name or IP address of the LDAP server. In this example the local server IP is entered into this field. Replace this address with the matching address from your ScopTEL installation
Authentication in this example uses the default Client DN: dc=scopserv,dc=local
And also the default username (manager) and Password 
The LDAP Search Base DN for a phone directory in this example must use the shared_addressbook scopserv LDAP structure that was just created: ou=shared_addressbook,dc=scopserv,dc=local
The remaining fields may be left at their default values.
Click Add when done

APS | Phone Template/MAC LDAP Tab

Click on the Template/MAC LDAP tab
Enable LDAP support: True
Use the drop list selector to choose the LDAP Source that was just created
When the LDAP source is selected then the Search Filter and Attributes are automatically data filled. Else these fields are left empty for a third party LDAP Source custom configuration. The default search parameters are correct for this tutorial.

Edit the Programmable Keys field for any Yealink APS objects
Edit Key 2 to use LDAP
Give this button a new Label
Click Save
Click on Commit to write your APS Changes
Reboot the phone(s) to implement changes

Programmable Key Configuration | Polycom

Enable LDAP support: True
Use the drop list selector to choose the LDAP Source
Since the internal ScopTEL LDAP server with default settings is being used then the remaining fields may be left at Default values
Click Save when done
Click on Commit to write your APS Changes
Reboot the phone(s) to implement changes

Programmable Key Configuration | Snom

Change one of the Soft Key GUI Function Keys to LDAP Directory 
(F_DIRECTORY_SEARCH) using the drop list selector
This will add an LDAP button to the Soft Keys on the Snom phone(s) you are editing
Click Save when done
Click on Commit to write your APS Changes
Reboot the phone(s) to implement changes

Need more information?

ScopServ International Inc. 

Corporate Headquarters
4486, Boul. Gouin O., Montréal (Québec)
Canada H4J 1B7
Tél. : 514-373-8102 Sans frais : 1 866-722-3292
Contact : Denis Trépanier 

ScopServ France 

(via Channel Plus) 5 Place de la Pyramide, Paris La Défense
92088 FRANCE
Tél. : +33 1 55 68 12 79 Cell.: +33 7 62 92 41 61 
Contact : Hervé Loustalot 

ScopServ South Africa PTY 

ScopServ Integrated Services
9 Kingfisher Drive, Douglasdale, Johannesburg
Gauteng, 2129 Afrique du Sud
Phone: +27 11 700 3800 Fax: +27 11 700 3810 
Contact : Janet Souter

ScopServ États-Unis 

(via Axis Internet) 
P.O. Box 311, Bennett, CO, 80102-0311, États-Unis
Tél. : +1 303 592 2947 Téléc. : +1 303 893 2947 
Courriel : 
Contact : George Stoutenburgh

We thank you for your trust and interest in our solutions.

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