Scopserv Pbx installing from the repository

Installing Old Packages from the Repository

We may need to install some old packages such as the Asterisk version in your ScopTEL PBX server. Let’s use installing a older version of Asterisk 1.8 as the example to introduce how to install old packages from the repository using yum.

By now, suppose we have install asterisk18- in the server  and we want to install some older version available in the repository.

First find out all the asterisk18 packages  in the repository by:

# scopserv_yum list –showduplicates asterisk18

All the Asterisk 1.8.x packages will be listed like this:

Installed Packages

asterisk18.x86_64                         installed

Available Packages
asterisk18.x86_64             1.8.4-3.el5.scopserv                          scopserv
asterisk18.x86_64                         scopserv
asterisk18.x86_64                         scopserv
asterisk18.x86_64                          scopserv
asterisk18.x86_64                         scopserv

We find out that package is available. We can install it now:

# rpm -e –nodeps asterisk18

# scopserv_yum install asterisk18-

Then “scopserv_yum” will install the older version. For other packages, the method is similar with asterisk18. We just need to replace asterisk18 with the package name above.

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