ScopTEL Automatic Provisioning System

Fanvil Devices Now Fully Supported by ScopTEL Automatic Provisioning System

ScopServ is pleased to announce we have added full support for Fanvil Devices in the ScopTEL Automatic Provisioning System.

About Fanvil
Fanvil is an established VoIP desktop phone developer and manufacturer from China. Fanvil has grown into one of the largest and most popular brands of VoIP phones around the world after recognizing the global demand for VoIP based telecommunication solutions. Fanvil produces devices for small and medium sized businesses, as well as large mission-critical enterprise environments. It is set to become a leading global IP voice and video terminal manufacturer, by providing cost efficient and innovative IP voice and video products. Fanvil VoIP devices encompass quality, style and value for money.
Here is a list of the Fanvil devices ScopTEL now supports in the APS (minimum release scopserv-telephony25-

– Fanvil X1/X1P/X1S/X1SP
– Fanvil X2P/X2CP
– Fanvil X3S/X3SP/X3G/X3SG
– Fanvil X4/X4G
– Fanvil X4U
– Fanvil X5S
– Fanvil X5U
– Fanvil X6
– Fanvil X6U
– Fanvil X7
– Fanvil X7C
– Fanvil X210/X210i
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