ScopTEL supports CentOS7

End Of Life Announcement for ScopTEL Software on all CentOS Versions prior to CentOS 7

Previous versions of ScopTEL were either based on CentOS versions 4, 5, or 6

  • However these versions have limited lifecycle support and it was necessary for ScopServ International to Release an ScopTEL packages based on CentOS version 7.X
  • As of November 30th 2020 ScopServ will no longer be supporting any installations prior to CentOS 7. This means that all installations on top of CentOS 4, 5, 6 will be End Of Life and will need to be upgraded to CentOS 7 for continued support.
  • ScopServ advises that any new installation of our software be installed on CentOS 7
  • Please follow the official documentation here to upgrade any existing installations or install any new ScopTEL installations.
  • Also be advised that ScopServ cannot guarantee the compatibility of any existing hardware with CentOS 7. To check for compatibility in advance you must refer to:

End of Life

As announced in December of 2020, The CentOS Project has shifted focus from CentOS Linux to CentOS Stream. Here are the expected end of life (EOL) dates for our various releases.

  • CentOS Linux 7 EOL: 2024-06-30
  • CentOS Linux 8 EOL: 2021-12-31
  • CentOS Stream 8 EOL: 2024-05-31
  • CentOS Stream 9 EOL: estimated 2027, dependent on RHEL9 end of “Full Support Phase”

As of 2020-02-01 the current version of ScopTEL install is CentOS Linux release 7.7 64 bit (x86_64)


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