A New Skin for SCOPSTATS

A New Skin for SCOPSTATS

Our real-time statistical engine, SCOPSTATS retains the same functionality in a redesigned interface but with an intuitive display that is faster and can be viewed in day or night mode.

This update includes the following improvements:
  1. Code optimization to take advantage of new technologies in terms of execution speed and real-time display.
  2. Changed the visual appearance of the interface and added intuitive menus.
  3. Memorization of the location of the windows during a recovery.
  4. Display in light (day) or dark (night) mode.
  5. Compatibility with iOS and Android tablets.

How to Install

Ensure your entitled system is up to date by upgrading all of your packages.
Navigate to Server|Packages Manager|Versions Information|scopserv-reports-v2|Click to Install
If you prefer to install by command line the command is: scopserv_yum install scopserv-reports-v2 and follow the prompts.
NOTE: if your system is hosted by SCOPSERV then your admin account will not have access to the Packages Manager. This manager can only be seen by the 'root' account (SCOPSERV master login). If you are missing SCOPSTATS V2 and wish to have access, then contact your SCOPSERV representative.


Log Out of your GUI Session and login again to refresh menus.
Find the new Menu system on the Tree View
Select either System Monitoring or Telephony Reports to launch the matching window.

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